Agile Capability is a platform that helps consultancies and consultants visualize client agility, produce evidence of work done while providing tools that can augment their transformation

  • Are their foundations in place / where are they lacking?
  • Are their most mature teams working on the least or most important things?
  • How much did you improve their agile capability between June and August?
  • Are their capabilities growing linearly or exponentially?
  • What are their top 10 organizational impediments?
  • How quickly are obstacles to agility being removed?
  • Are their teams healthy enough to scale?

Organizational Agility

Visualize client Capability

Define any Agile framework

Design bespoke Agile frameworks that will help the client achieve agility

Deploy in minutes

Aligns the whole coaching or consultancy practice into a coalition

Create coaching plans

Observe your teams in action, create plans to accelerate improvement

Produce Evidence

Share knowledge throughout the consultancy and visualize improvement velocity

Improve your client improve your practice

Delivers greater value sooner

Delivers greater value

Continuously enables clients to visualize their agility, which areas are excelling which have room for improvement

Faster feedback

Faster Feedback

Gives an unfiltered view of conditions on the ground enabling clients and consultancies to focus on either strategic or tactical improvements

Scale your superstars

Scale your superstars

Why limit your superstars to one client, Agile Capability enables them to easily support multiple transformations from distance

About us

We're three awesome Agile transformation consultants with a wealth of experience delivering transformations in Europe and the USA. We operate in the middle of the problem, we often see clients who have spent millions in the belief that a specific agile framework that works elsewhere will work for them. The problem is each organization and culture is different, one size does not fit all but the client rarely has the experience to brew their own agile framework and governance and even if they did how might go about measuring what it means for them. So we decided we'd do something about it.

Out of the box, Agile Capability comes loaded with the most popular frameworks; Scrum, XP, Lean, DSDM, Crystal, Lean MVP, Nexus, Less, Dad, SAFe, LEAN Enterprise, The Kotter Model, you name it we've got it. Each of the measures are weighted to give empthasis to those that are most important when delivering a mindset change to the organization. From there you can modify them, add to them or invent your own, whatever is best for the client.

We think you'll love the application but if you don't just remember its getting better every day!