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What we do

In order to reduce time to improved financial goals, efficient execution of strategy and delivery of products & services customers love, many organizations are transitioning to Agile ways of working.

Agile transformation is not easy. It involves a mindset change across the entire organization as it iterates and continuously improves towards a future state while trying to keep up with more Agile competitors.

With years of experience and successful transformations behind us, it’s no wonder organizations choose us to get the job done fast, efficiently and in a way that recognizes that one size truly does not fit all.

Leverage our experience

Agile Transformation

If you’re a traditional organization we work hard to understand your  immediate challenges while creating a roadmap to your future state.

We work with all functions of your organization, your supply chain and partners to create a cohesive optimized value stream.

If you’re a consultancy that lacks agile expertise, when you partner with us we create a virtual Agile transformation service delivered under your brand. You own the relationship we deliver the service.

Our record of improvement speaks for itself:

Process Improvement 97%
Wait Time Improvement 95%
Rework Reduction 92%

Our Services

We offer Professional Agile transformation, business optimization and rapid strategy implementation, Business Agility Assessments, Executive coaching & mentoring, Agile coaching, training & certification

Business Agility

Delivery of a mindset shift in all business functions so your organization is able to respond rapidly and effectively to changing circumstances & disruption

Rapid Proof of Concept

We create and setup business delivery teams to work on your most challenging projects while providing you evidence of how effective Agile can be in your context

Agile Center of excellence

We help you form internal Agile capabilities through training, coaching & mentoring to help your organization rapidly shift to Agile ways of working.

Our Principals

Our Trainers & Consultants

We’ve got you covered! Each of our professional trainers and consultants have years of experience delivering Agile transformation services & training within every major industry

The Agile Capability Tool

ACT, The Agile Capability Tool, is a platform that helps organizations visualize Agile maturity and fluency while providing tools and insights that can augment and accelerate Agile transformation. It helps you gain insights into the following questions and more

  • Are our Agile foundations in place and what can we improve on?
  • Are our most mature teams working on the least or most important things?
  • How much did our Agile capabilities improve in the last quarter?
  • Are our Agile capabilities growing linearly or exponentially?
  • What are our top 10 organizational impediments?
  • How quickly are obstacles to Agility being removed?
  • Are our teams healthy enough to scale?

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