What we do

In order to improve alignment between executives and the shop floor, de-risk delivery, deliver customer centric value sooner while gaining the ability to respond faster to risks and regulatory change, many organizations are transitioning to Agile ways of working.

Agile transformation is not easy. It involves the entire organization working and iterating towards a future state vision while their vehicle is still moving at 100mph trying to keep up with their more Agile competitors. It’s no wonder these clients are looking to place their business with organizations they trust.

The Dilemma

As organizations and consultancies look to address disciplines that are outside of their core expertise, they are often left with the age old problems;

As an organization that faces fierce competition should we wait 2 years to identify and upskill our own Agile coaching practice or hire Agile contractor coaches who have never worked together before and create potential conflicts of personalities or;

“As a consultancy should we invest and build the capability ourselves and potentially detract from what we do best, ignore the client's need and run the risk of the client becoming irrelevant in the market and another consultancy replacing us or should we partner with an organization who has the know-how but will eat our margin and own our clients”. Agile Capability is a solution to these dilemmas

Gain a new capability without the risk

We offer consultancies a white labelled transformation service that enables them to delight and safeguard their clients while enjoying market level margins, we offer organizations a team of Agile experts who are skilled at producing fast effective measurable results while upskilling full time employees

Organizational Agility

What makes us a little different


If you're an organization we work glove in hand with your staff, creating internal Scrum Masters, Product Owner and Agile development teams while working with you to structure value streams and bespoke scaling models. If you're a consultancy, when you partner with us we create a virtual Agile transformation service delivered under your brand, you own the relationship we deliver the service. We help consultancies to:

  • Leverage their existing relationships - increasing revenue per client without increasing headcount
  • Introduce innovative Agile engagement models that support the continuous deployment of your client based teams
  • Define bespoke Agile frameworks that fit the clients' culture and design mandatory training for their third party vendors
  • Deliver Certified Agile training helping participants improve on their Agile maturity
  • Achieve market level margins without the risk of building a non core practice themselves

Organizational Agility

Enterprise Agility

Delivery of a mindset shift in all functions, future proofs the organization against disruption

Mergers and Acquisitons

A service to the acquiring organization surfacing Agile capability of the target and uncovering hidden costs

Target operating models

Giving you a view of potential future state operating options that fit new ways of working

Agile Studio

Creation, Setup and delivery of Agile Studios to help provide solid evidence of business transformation

How we work

Delivers greater value sooner

Winning opportunities

If you're a consultancy we pair you with one or more of our expert consultants to run workshops with you client, assist you with the proposal or give a briefing to senior executives

Faster feedback


Depending on the size of the transformation we'll deploy a cell of 3 to 9 consultants to facilitate discovery of the highest priority initial measures to be addressed

Scale your superstars


From Target Operating Model to Agile PMO and everything in between we deliver the transformation with the goal of making organizations self sufficient as early as possible


ACT, The Agile Capability Tool, is a platform that helps organization and consultants visualize Agile maturity and fluency, produce evidence of work done while providing tools that can augment their transformation

  • Are Agile foundations in place / where are they lacking?
  • Are the most mature teams working on the least or most important things?
  • How much did Agile capabilities improve between June and August?
  • Are Agile capabilities growing linearly or exponentially?
  • What are the top 10 recurring organizational impediments?
  • How quickly are obstacles to Agility being removed?
  • Are the teams healthy enough to scale?

Future proof your organization, improve your time to market all without adding more headcount. Get started today with a free Agile workshop for your senior leadership team.

The ACT tool